PCP Possum and his literary trashfire

[insert inspiring, thoughtful quote to illustrate how much of a smarty-pants I am]

Hi y’all,
I’m an aspiring writer/media critic/student/manic-depressive marsupial.
I’m from [small town name] in [redacted country name] and currently live in [slightly bigger town name]. I set up this blog to expose my writing to a bigger audience, and give me an incentive to practice more.
I will be posting here often, but not on a regular schedule, and what gets posted is really dependant on my personnal whims: might be poetry, short fiction, opinion pieces, media criticism, who knows? Feel free to comment on anything, leave feedback/encouragements/statements of indifference, altough I reserve the right to reply to/delete anything if I think you’re being a bit of a tit,
Angsty Possum

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